BBNovaLite Platform

Platform for those who would like to have their own E-Commerce websites, with comprehensive and fully integrated backend system such as inventory system, point of sale (POS), shopping cart system, payment system, statistic report system, etc, as well as several advantages over other instant website building services, such as:
  1. More flexible. Users have more freedom to modify website and its functionalities as required.
  2. More credible. With a variety of options, users do not have to use plain templates like others, and this uniqueness will mean more credibility to the organization or brand.
  3. Higher stability. Using cloud system, our platform can adjust its resources to support even unusal spike in traffic or loads without a single pause in service.
  4. Higher security, with cutting-edge security technology from experts directly from the field.
  5. Fast configuration and installation. Users do not need to wait for developers to develop everything from scratch.
  6. Highly adjustable. Users can freely turn on and off each service.

BBNovaLite platform users will also be provided with the following services:
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Free training courses in "exporting" and "online marketing" in both basic and advanced levels.
  3. Free web design.
BBNovaLite platform fee: Contact for pricing