BBNova's goal is to create a value chain that all parties involved in the business, both domestic and international, can mutually benefit from. BBNova is not only a B2B website, but also an E-Commerce platform that facilitates online wholesaling and all other related processes such as payments, shipping, custom and consulate procedures, international trade laws, as well as all tax procedures and documentations that involve. The platform will empower its users, especially local producers (and suppliers), with all necessary tools to distribute their products to consumers all around the world, conveniently and cost-efficiently.

BBNova is suitable for - large producers and distributers - Traders - Exporters and Importers - Shipping and Custom Facilitator - and Financial Organizations.

For all the processes involved, BBNova has prepared the powerful platform that can fully service and interconnect every related party, with high security, low initial costs, and an ability to monitor the products from their origins to the export destinations.

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